Application for Assistance - Step 1 of 6

You have chosen to request financial assistance with your local Soil and Water Conservation District and IDALS Division of Soil Conservation. To best process your request, there are a few things you should understand before proceeding:

  1. All financial assistance programs have eligibility requirements. Please take the time to see if you are eligible.

  2. If you are eligible for financial assistance, any practices tied to your account will be bound by a maintenance agreement that can be in effect for as long as 20 years. Please read the Practice Maintenance/Performance Agreement page for more information.

  3. By applying for financial assistance you will be granting district representatives the right of ingress and egress to your land so that they may process your request.
    Right of Ingress and Egress

    Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners and their agents are granted the Right of Ingress/Egress. The agreement specifies that the district will provide technical assistance in planning, applying, and maintaining soil conservation and water management practices on a tract of land. The landowner through this agreement grants authorization to district personnel for ingress and egress upon the land. The agreement contains information necessary for the district to prioritize technical assistance activities.

If you do not understand the terms outlined above, please feel free to Contact Us.

If you agree to the above, you may begin the request for assistance by pressing the "Continue" button below. Otherwise, you may press the "Cancel" button to cancel this request for assistance.